Our systems

Comprehensive Support Program

The CSP provides a standard method that takes away any potential risks of business interruption. Drawings, Bill Of Materials, quotes, orders and more are specified and followed through until completion. It's a straightforward, effective and incredibly useful tool that allows us to achieve the best result every time. You will depend on it!

The Minder System

The Minder System is a custom built, all inclusive software IT solution modified specifically to monitor and control manufacturing operations at our facility in Vietnam. We combined years of experience to build this system to be something unique in our industry.

Raw materials issuance, works order issuance, routes building, quotations, estimates, labelling, coding, production forecasting, daily manufacturing updates, section by section analysis, debtors and creditors lists and stock control. In dual language, dual currency and tax compliant with Vietnamese laws, it's without a doubt the best system in the industry for our specific needs.