The Midway difference

Open communication

Our commitment starts with the first contact. We get to know a customer’s business and challenges and share our ways of working right from the beginning, to ensure a smooth transition and an effective on-going relationship.

We communicate regularly and transparently, raising issues before they become problems and providing support and advice as needed. Integrity is central to how we work.

Our experts respond promptly and efficiently to request and queries and senior management is always on hand to help drive our business forward. Together.

Innovative thinking

In an industry driven by customization, fabricators need to identify new ways of meeting needs and be open to look for new solutions.

Our review and feedback mechanisms mean our systems are constantly evolving. We see change as the opportunity to improve across all aspects of our business and embrace that. At the same time, our in-house experts pro-actively provide advice, modification and feedback to deliver the most effective solution to a brief.

Application of systems

In any pursuit of perfection there must be controls and measures. Quality control and systems are the life blood of Midway Marine: we know from experience that this facilitates a more efficient and effective process with better outcomes for all parties.

At the heart of our approach is the CSP (Comprehensive Support Program). This proprietary system provides a standard method that takes away any potential risks of business interruption. Drawings, Bill of Materials, quotes, orders and more are specified and followed through until completion. It's a straightforward, effective and incredibly useful tool that allows us to achieve the best result every time. You can depend on it!

We are proudly ISO9001 certified and rigorously follow lean manufacturing principles, including 5S and Kaizen, at the highest level.

Click here to find out more about our CSP and Minder systems.

Advancing capacity

Stainless steel fabrication is a complex and highly skilled industry and it’s what we specialize in. As part of the Midway Group, we draw on 30 years’ know-how in stainless steel, and through hands-on experience and training we are continually improving the skills, knowledge and collective spirit of our 140 staff, including design analysts, factory workers, quality assurance and operations experts.

Our ability to provide a one-stop-shop with superior quality products, at reasonable cost, is supported by our 21 000 sq meter facility, equipped with the latest and proven technology and operated by a highly efficient, skilled labour force. It is further reinforced by mill direct raw materials sourcing and the integrity of our long-standing partnerships, on all levels of the supply chain.

A strategic alliance

Midway Marine has recently entered into a strategic alliance with Dutch based stainless steel fabricator, Inoferro. Inoferro is well-known in the super yacht industry for its quality, reliability and service. Together, our companies will be able to offer both exceptional quality and capacity to yacht builders around the world.